Virtual Mega Education Fair For Under graduates

Virtual Mega-Education Fair 2021 -Registration Details and Highlights.

Are you worried about Your Admission Process? But afraid of traveling due to Covid19? Career Mantra got you covered.

With Virtual Mega Education Fair 2021 you can meet up with universities and Institutions. Virtual Mega Education Fair can help you gather with students in one place. With us, you get to discuss and clear doubts about universities and colleges.

With Virtual Mega, Education Fair one also gets a ticket to detailed knowledge and information about various courses and programmes offered by participating universities and institutions.

The best part of Virtual Mega Education Fair 2021?

You get a chance at one-on-one interaction with delegates of Top Universities and Institutions.

Key Highlights of Virtual Mega Education Fair 2021:

  • Amazing Opportunity to meet with Top A+++ delegates of Pan India University & Institutes
  • Get a chance to win Scholarship up to 2cr For Pan India students
  • Spot Admission Process in Top colleges
  • Ready Availability of Leading Banks for Help on Education loan and it’s process
  • Get-to Know in detail about your university/ institutions
  • Win Awards and Many Sub Prizes
  • A Certificate for your Participation

How to Register?

Registration for Virtual Mega Education Fair 2021 is Free and Online. You can Register First to Secure Your Seat at Mega Education 2021.

Step 1: Online Registration

Registration Form for Virtual Mega Education Fair 2021 is Online Registration cum Scholarship test. Regardless, Registration ly free.

So Save yourself a seat at Virtual Mega Education Fair and Register at :

Step 2: Download E-ticket

After the Registration Process for Virtual Mega Education Fair 2021, Students get the Zoom meeting link. Zoom Meeting link is directly sent to your registered email ID and phone number.

Process after Registration.

Step 3: Log in To the Event

After the Registration where you get a zoom link. You have to directly attend the Virtual Mega Education Fair on the said date.

All you need to do is :

Login Into the Event with Zoom Link Provided to you at the time of registration.

Be sure to always attend the event before the given time for the smooth running of the Fair.

Step 4: Online Sessions

After you Login into the event, the Online discussions will begin soon thereafter.

Online Sessions List

  • Meeting with India’s Top University& Institution Delegates.

The start of online discussions at Virtual Mega Education Fair 2021, will be with a Meeting with India’s Top University & Institution Delegates.

Here, Students will get the chance to interact and solve their doubts regarding Top universities and institutions

  • Guidance for Education Loan

In the Virtual Mega Education Fair 2021, Career Mantra has come up with a unique form of discussion.

Yes, the discussions about Education loan and the path to choose for the same.

With an online session of Guidance For Education loans, a student will get a chance to interact with Top Bank delegates. The Bank delegates will help you have a clear picture of your Education loan.

Step 5 – Scholarship Test

Career Mantra offers you an opportunity at Scholarship Test at Mega Education Fair 2021.

The Registration for the Scholarship Test was done at the same time you registered for Mega Education Fair.

The Scholarship Test will be online like every other event and take place in 45 min. You will be provided with a Scholarship link Test.

Step 6: Results.

The time to Hold your Breath!! The results of the Scholarship test that you took earlier in the day will be announced at the event.

Step 7: Prize Distribution

A Test should always end up with an A Prize. Here, Students will be awarded Awards and Prizes that they have won throughout the day.

The Prize Distribution event will also be the one where all the students get the Certificate of Participation in Mega Education Fair.

Why Join Virtual Mega Education Fair 2021?

It’s Virtual!

Mega Education Fair 2021 is virtual. You can attend the Fair from any corner of the world. All you need is the Internet and an electronic device and to register. So sit back, relax and come attend Virtual Mega Education Fair. Travel to the location is Hassle-free.

Deeply Understand Higher Education

Virtual Mega Education Fair offers a detailed discussion on Higher Education with professional and related speakers. Industries. Here, you can understand the modern-day requirements of universities and institutions that offer Higher Education courses. You will come out having a deeper understanding of Higher Education.

Direct Interactions with University Delegates

In Virtual Mega Education Fair 2021 you get an opportunity to have direct interaction with Top university and institution delegates. Your chance to interact doesn’t stop here. Attending the Fair enables you to not only interact with speakers but also university and institute director, VCs and delegates.

Chance to get 100% Scholarship

With Virtual Mega Education Fair 2021, Career Mantra helps you to shoot your chance at winning up to 100% Scholarship for your dream University and Institution. With such a unique opportunity at hand, you can make getting into your Dream College aspiration a Reality.

All you need to do is apply for a Scholarship in Mega Education Fair available on our website. Now you are eligible to win upto 100% Scholarship.

Get Admission Counseling

If you are Student who has doubts about the Admission Process and is worried about the process? Mega Education Fair is the right place for you. Attending Mega Education Fair 2021 with us gives you a chance to solve your doubts and worries. Get Admission Counseling regarding college selection, Fees and Placements for students.


Admission Process Counseling, Meet up with Top Universities and Institutions, A Chance at interaction with delegates, and a Scholarship Test with results on the same day, Mega Education Fair 2021 is a place for all Higher Education related queries and doubts.

So Come Join Career Mantra dor a Meetup at Virtual Mega Education Fair 2021. So that you can benefit from amazing discussions from reputed speakers while also getting your worries cleared through us.

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