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Krupanidhi School of Management (KSM)

Krupanidhi School of Management (KSM) was founded by the Krupanidhi Educational Trust in 2008. Different media organizations have rated it as one of the top 10 business schools in Bengaluru. KSM delivers internationally recognized and creative services that help students navigate the business world’s responsibilities and challenges. It offers a PGDM program and a two-year full-time MBA course.

KSM is the only organization that is a member of the European Council of Business Education in South India. KSM was ranked fifth in Silicon India’s B-school college survey among placement criteria and was featured in Forbes as one of the 2018 Great Indian Institutes. KSM has been won four years in a row by AICTE in the Platinum category.

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World-class businesses are still searching for workers with excellent leadership, communication, and project management skills, and that fact is supported by the latest study. The MBA and PGDM courses are structured in such a way that through leadership, excellent communication skills, hands-on with the latest additional skills and overall personality growth, a major transformation is possible in one’s life. These qualities in India make it one of the top MBA institutes.

If you have already developed essential business skills as a business professional, then Krupanidhi MBA programme allows you to increase your game, develop these vital skills further and increase your own competence, trust and marketability. Modules of skills carried out over the first year allow you to grow and cultivate your current talents.

As a member of an interdisciplinary team, collaborating on group projects will help you perform more effectively. Plus, you will be prepared for all sorts of complicated and demanding business circumstances through their final school course.

As a top MBA institute in India, with their 11-acre world-class campus, air-conditioned classrooms, their own transportation facilities are few to count, they provide a cosy atmosphere for studies.

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KSM Rankings:

  • Ranked 44 for MBA by Times in 2020

KSM Admission:



The Krupanidhi School of Management (KSM) was founded in 2008 as one of the top business schools in Bengaluru and is an integral part of the Krupanidhi Educational Trust in Bangalore. The Krupanidhi School of Management is the only institution that is a member of the European Business Education Council in South India as a whole. The India Didactics Association (IDA) awarded this institution in 2019 as the ‘Best Research and Innovation Institute’ funded by MHRD India and the Karnataka Government. The Krupanidhi School of Management is recognized by the All India Technical Education Council (AICTE) and accredited by the University of Bangalore. It provides postgraduate courses including MBA and PGDM.

Applicants seeking admission to an MBA or PGDM course at KSM should fill out the online application form. Within a week of the test, the results are announced and if the applicant is chosen, they will have to pay the fee within 15 working days. Candidates preparing to apply for KSM courses should read the details relevant to admission below:

The admission process for KSM is based on the rating of entrance examinations such as CAT, GMAT, XAT, MAT and CMAT. Candidates can also apply for an entrance examination for the Krupanidhi Management Entrance Test (KMET), administered by the Krupanidhi Group of Institutions, followed by GD-PII.

Application procedure :

Admission into various courses at KSM can be done by filling up the application forms that are available in the online as well as offline mode. The college changes a minimal amount as the application fee. 

Steps for Online application :

  • Visit the official website and create a login ID by filling the mandatory information in the admission tab.  
  • Fill the application form with all the required educational and personal details and upload scanned copies of required documents. 
  • This is followed by paying the application fee via debit card/credit card/net banking or any other payment methods available. 
  • The candidate must take a print out of the form and payment receipt and is required to report to the college within ten days and submit original documents along with the admission letter.

Steps for offline application :

  • The candidate must register on the official website of the college. 
  • After this, the candidate needs to visit the college Admission Counsellor to fill the form, submit original documents and pay the fee. 

KSM Courses:



Only post-graduation education programs such as MBA and PGDM are offered by KSM. The two programs are full-time with a two-year contract. In ten specialisations, PGDM is offered and in six, MBA is offered. Besides, under both the MBA and PGDM programmes, it also provides dual specialisation programmes. The programmes, along with their fee structure and eligibility requirements, are listed below:

For MBA:

The Institute offers an MBA program with a period of two years of study. Students can customize the subjects since, in the interest of the students, Krupanidhi School of Management offers them an opportunity to choose electives in the third and fourth semesters. Candidates who qualify for the final-year degree examinations are also qualified to apply.

Admission to the MBA programme is based on the Institute’s KMET programme. In Language Comprehension, Data Processing and Sufficiency, Analytical Ability, Intellect & Logical Thinking, and General Knowledge (GK), it is a written exam and consists of 30 questions each, making it a total of 150 marks. If the aspirant has already qualified for GMAT/XAT/MAT/ATMA/CMAT/CAT, KMET will not be needed. However, students need to meet the eligibility criteria below to be eligible for this programme.


  • Health Management
  • Finance
    BankingFinance and Insurance Services Management (BFIS)
  • Human Resource Management
    Startups and SMEs Management
  • Marketing


  • Qualifying Exam: KMET/ CAT/GMAT/ XAT/ MAT/ CMAT
  • In GD and PI, scores
  • In any discipline with a minimum aggregate of 50%, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree.


Krupanidhi Management School offers a PGDM curriculum. Moreover, under the PGDM programme, it provides dual specialisation. For entry to both programmes, the institute conducts its own entrance exam called KMET. In Language Comprehension, Data Processing and Sufficiency, Analytical Ability, Intellect & Logical Thinking and General Knowledge (GK), it is a written exam and consists of 30 questions each, making it a total of 150 marks. Candidates who qualify for the final-year degree examinations are also qualified to apply.

Krupanidhi School of Management offers a PGDM programme with a period of two years in five specialisations. Students need to apply for the mandatory entrance exam for entry to the PGDM program. The final selection of candidates is based on the success of a candidate in both GD and PI. The PGDM eligibility requirements along with the appropriate entrance review are listed below:


  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Marketing and Supply Chain Management
  • International Business
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Information Technology


  • Qualifying Exam: KMET/ CAT/GMAT/ XAT/ MAT/ CMAT
  • In GD and PI, scores
  • In any discipline with a minimum aggregate of 50%, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree.

For PGDM Dual Specialisation:

Krupanidhi School of Management also offers PGDM in eight dual specialisations, in addition to the programmes listed above. Students are granted the freedom to customise subjects according to their interests.
Skilled aspirants would have to go through the GD and PI rounds for the final pick.


  • Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Retail
  • Aviation


Bachelor’s degree students in every discipline of at least 50 per cent aggregate

KSM Placements:



With constant contact and feedback from the recruiters, the placement department at KSM works with students to achieve their objectives. Students are put in companies affiliated with different fields such as finance, consultancy, retail, FMCG, IT, and operation.

A variety of activities such as campus recruiting, business engagement, CV writing, mentoring, and internships with renowned national and multi-national organizations are carried out year after year by the Krupanidhi School of Management placements department. IBM, KPMG, Infoedge, HDFC Mutual Funds and many more are some primary recruiters.

The new idea of The Finishing School has been created by KSM. KSM’s unique idea of finishing school was created by the management and is guided by a team of experienced trainers with global visibility.

  • Highest CTC offered: Rs 12 LPA
  • Average CTC offered: Rs 6.5 LPA

Process of placement:

The five-step KSM Bangalore Placements Process is as follows:

  • Campus relies on businesses for on/off-campus operations
  • Involved companies return to the Institute along with a PPT date
  • Qualified students are nominated for the corresponding work (s)
  • Corporate customers and placement cells jointly evaluate a drive date
  • Announcement of the result by the end of the operation

It is seen that students are chosen in top sectors such as banking, consultancy, retail, FMCG, IT and service sectors, considering the records of Krupanidhi School of Management placements. With every available assistance, the placement department supports students, be it business engagement, campus recruiting, mock interviews, networking, customised coaching or final placements.
There are an active training and placement cell at Krupanidhi School of Management which helps facilitate student placements in the final year. The institute saw 70 firms for placements in which nearly 180 offers were made.


For a duration of 8 to 10 weeks, each student does an internship (after 2nd semester). The institute reported a 100 percent internship for the 2019-20 batch. Students bagged internships that ranged from Rs 5,000 to 10,000 with a stipend.

To get a Scholarship :Sardar Patel Institute of Technology

KSM Scholarships:

KSM grants scholarships for exemplary results in academics. The reward and sponsorship of this scholarship are meritorious. The requirements are solely merit-driven and are based on board examination marks, entrance exams and various other academic parameters.

KSM Cut-off:

Candidates are given admissions to various UG & PG courses offered at the KSM based on the cut-offs of the respective entrance tests or merit required for qualification. Cut-offs are released professionally by the college authority category-wise. 

The reservation criteria issued by the Government of India and the state are also kept in mind. Other factors include :

  • The total number of applicants applying
  • The total seats available
  • The previous year’s cutoffs.

The candidates that meet the criteria are only preferred for admissions. Admissions for most of the programs are done based on merit and accepted entrance examinations.

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