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Are you tired of your job and looking to start your business? Are you a student wanting to earn while learning? Looking forward to becoming your boss?

Your Business and Earning aspirations are possible through Career Mantra’s IBP- Program. With the IBP Program, you get to become an IBC and earn 1 Lakh-20 Lakh per month at your convenience.

Why Career Mantra’s Independent Business Partner- Program?

  • Build a regular source of Income
  • Become your own Boss
  • Low Investment
  • Learn and Earn at the Same time
  • High Profit

Becoming an Independent Business Partner (IBP) helps you to earn between 1 Lakh – 20 Lakh and that too at your own convenience. I.e. Part-time / Full time.

How to Become an Independent Business Partner?

Joining Career Mantra’s Independent Business Partner (IBP) Program and becoming an IBP is quite simple. You can become an IBP in 3 Easy Steps :

1 – Free Registration For IBP – Program

Your First step to becoming an IBP is to Register for the IBP – Program. The Registration is free. The Registration Form is available on Career Mantra’s website :

All you have to do is fill in the required details like Name, City, Role, etc. And submit the form.

Career Mantra’s team will contact you in the next few hours.

2 – Get Shortlist For IBP- Program

After your Free registration process, you will get a call where all your details will be verified.

After verification of the details, you will be shortlisted for IBP. The shortlisted candidates will get a call from Career Mantra’s team where the process will be discussed.

3 – Your Selection as an IBP

You got your details verified and even got shortlisted for IBP. So the last step is Your Selection as an IBP.

After a successful selection of IBP all the required kit and other details will be shared with you.

Additional Perks with IBP :

  • Free Lifetime Membership

Joining Career Mantra as IBP will earn you a Free Lifetime Membership worth Rs.1,05,020.

  • Opportunity to attend all Career Mantra Events

Free access to our members to  attend Career Mantra’s Prestigious Events

And that’s it!

Becoming an IBP is as simple as Shopping at some e-commerce website plus you get to earn.

High Profits and Low investments along with your choice of convenience. The business opportunity of a lifetime at your doorstep.

What are you waiting for?

Come Join Us at Career Mantra’s IBP Program become an IBC and enjoy an amazing partnership

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