Top MBBS Universities in the USA

Everyone’s dream of becoming a wise doctor is fulfilled by USA’s university one must definitely look after USAs university in their priority list for the bachelor’s degree. MBBS Program has gained value and respect from not only Indian students but the students from all over the world who are in queue to reserve their seats in this prestigious college. In India, all the medical candidates are required to clear the NEET for obtaining acceptance to the MBBS program

In India, an MBBS degree is pursued as a bachelor’s degree whereas in the USA it is a postgraduate program. It is similar to MD (Doctor of Medicine) and holds around 4 years to achieve. But, international students must have a pre-medical course (BS degree) from a USA university to apply for this degree. Additionally, after the end of an MD, you have to practice for 3-5 years of a residency program to be officially recognized as the doctor. So, the total span expected to pursue MBBS in the USA needs in between is 7 to 9 years.

MBBS in the USA provides priority to practical knowledge than just considering theoretical learning. Studying MBBS in the USA will increase their value and will enrich their knowledge making them experts in their respective field

MBBS in the USA is fitting as a top choice for Indian students. on average 17,000 MD graduate every year through this university The 6 medical schools from the US are in the list of the top 10.

MBBS in USA – Quick Overview

Last Date to Apply for applicationJune 2021
Basic Eligibility required50% in PCB for General category
40% for SC/ ST or reserve categories
NEET ExaminationIt is a must with a basic passing percentage
MCAT Examinationnecessary, to grab admission in top medical schools in the USA
Course Fee range Rs.3.60 Lakhs/Year to Rs.47 Lakhs/Year
Cost of Living in USARs.14-15 Thousand/Month
Course Duration (in Year)4.5 years in addition to 1-year Internship
Medium of courseEnglish Language
Universities RecognitionNMC and WHO approved


Benefits of studying MBBS in the USA :

  • The quality of medical education in the USA is great. If one wants to be a proficient doctor then he/she should prefer MBBS in the USA.
  • MBBS colleges in the USA have prominent and high notoriety around the world.
  • Doctors from the USA have gained enormous demand and honor all over the world.
  • Medical education in the USA is formed entirely in the English medium.
  • To obtain admission to the MBBS course in the USA, students are not expected to pay any additional donation fees.
  • Students who have grabbed MBBS degree in the USA and want to build their career in India are not supposed to give any NMC Screening Test.
  • Several top medical universities in the USA provide scholarships to international students.
  • Students can explore a part-time job while studying medicine in the USA.
  • The medical degrees are supported by NMC, WHO, ECFMG, and MCC


Top MBBS Colleges in the USA:


Harvard University:


It is one of the most reliable MBBS colleges in the USA. Harvard University is a private research organization that came into existence in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Above 36,000 students are enrolled in its 12 schools, which involves an international community of approximately 11.8% and a student-faculty proportion of 7:1. For the class of 2024, the institute got some 40,248 applications and allowed only 2,015 of them. There are numerous ploys of the University, on should definitely consider in the priority list.

Stanford University:

The University was organized in 1885, Stanford University is situated in the San Francisco Bay area it is a private research institution. The university has been among the top-ranking list the university has positioned itself high in academics, research, innovation, and career promotion. The university comprises about 4,000 international students, it covers 34% of the entire student registration of about 17,000 students. The university welcomes international students from over 90 countries there is vast diversity students tend to learn different culture and their traditions over here. Stanford University comprises seven academic schools and 40 academic units that contribute to several courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


John Hopkins University:

In the year 1876 the university was established in Baltimore, Maryland. The university was set up by an American Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, John Hopkins. It is one of the leading MBBS colleges in the USA for building a solid career in medical science. After having produced some 27 Nobel Laureates, this renowned university of the US Education System is advancing with its mission of cultivating lifelong learning and nurturing independent and original research in its students. The community of international students enrolled in university is around 14% that signifies more than 120 countries across the world. University believes in providing personal interaction between faculty and students thus the student-faculty ratio is 7:1 and presents almost 80 undergraduate and above 130 graduate courses to its aspirants. Before January 2 the admissions are to be done and once the fee is paid that is 70 USD you cannot get that money back thus it follows a non-refundable process.

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA):

TheUniversity of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a public research institute in Westwood, Los Angeles established back in 1882. The university s providing its value for over 100 years it is the most prestigious university of US education. UCLA observers an approval rate of only 14% for the year 2019 and is therefore amongst the most particular and selective universities of the USA. The admissions are given based on the overall performance of the students.


Fee structure :

List of University UniversityFees structures (in USD)Brochure
Harvard University324,920
Stanford University481,872
John Hopkins University213,600
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)105,288
Yale University251,896
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)187,064
Columbia University73,768
University of Pennsylvania239,640
Duke University247,600
University of California, San Diego165,320

Eligibility criteria for MBBS at USA Universities:


  • you can apply for MBBS only after Completion of the 10th and 12th class
  • You need to study in Bachelor of Science degree in biology, chemistry or medicine-related field in your pe medical school
  • You need to apply for MCAT and NEET
  • Proof of English proficiency is a must

Note: Most of the top-ranking universities of the USA do not specify the least MCAT score needed for admission. However, students holding scores of 510 or higher have chances of admission. The MCAT score result card is not valid before the 4 years certificate

Documents Required for MBBS at the USA :


  • Transcripts of prior academic study
  • English translation of non-English copies
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Criminal background
  • health certificates

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