MAT exam | 2020 | Best preparation in 15 days !

MAT Exam | 2020

MAT exam Preparation is simpler than many other national level MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP. With the launch of 1 more testing mode – Remote Proctored Internet-Based Test (IBT) from May MAT 2020 onwards, the test-taking experience for MAT has become one of the best because you can take IBT MAT from the convenience of your home without going to the exam center. The May MAT 2020 exam has been postponed to the month of June 2020.

2020 Impact

Due to coronavirus outbreak and countrywide lockdown, MAT May Exam 2020 has been postponed to the month of June 2020 with a further IBT mode of Exam which can be taken from the convenience of home. Now, there are three types of MAT testing modes – Remote Proctored Internet-Based Test (IBT); Paper Based Test (PBT), and Computer-based test (CBT). The revised exam dates given for the MAT exam are from May 25 to June 25, 2020, for the IBT MAT exam; For PBT MAT the exam date is June 14 and for Computer-based tests, the exam date is the summer solstice, 2020. Earlier there have been only two modes of exam PBT and CBT and therefore the MAT exam dates were May 16, 2020, for Paper-based MAT, and May 3, 2020, for Computer-based MAT exam. The extended time of 1 month gives a good opportunity to organize for MAT exam to the candidates who are seeking MBA admission 2020 through the MAT exam.

Mock Test:

Mock test aids in making the preparation perfect. Once, you complete the mock tests, analyze it. Analyze where you went wrong during practice and make sure not to repeat the mistake again. The Mock Test is the most effective method. It helps in evaluating your preparation level. Along with it, it gives you the chance to re-strategize your preparation plans. Solve the Mock test and analyze your preparations in these last crucial days. This will increase your chances to secure a good percentile.

 Don’t start any new topic:

While preparing for MAT in 15 days, it is not preferable to start any new topic. It’s not the time to grasp new topics. You should concentrate on the topics already completed. Revise those topics instead of attempting new topics. On the exam day, select those questions which you are confident about answering easily. It is time to focus on strong areas. MAT Aspirants should devote more time to revise and practice more mock tests.

Time Management:

Time management is a very crucial factor to consider. Devote your time precisely as only 15 days are left for your MAT exam. Don’t waste time learning new topics. Hone in on prepared topics and do more practice. Practice will make you confident and help you in solving the questions quickly.

Don’t increase stress level:

Don’t get panic and increase your stress bar. MAT is considered one of the low difficulty MBA entrance exams. Be confident about your preparations and be relaxed. You will forget the important points at the time of the exam if you are stressed.

Revise Shortcut tricks:

Revise all the shortcut tricks and strategies you have used during your mock test. Sometimes we prepare and we forget to revise it during our exam. So, make sure to revise all the shortcut tricks and strategies in the last days. This will help you in reducing time.

Plan Your Methodology:

Planning a methodology for the exam is mandatory. Strong and weak areas analyzed during the mock test will help you plan more perfectly. This will help you understand what to avoid and what to attempt in MAT test. This method will improve your score. It will also make you be more confident while attempting the test. Also, make a strategy for your attempts of questions. Keep the first attempt, for questions which you can solve with ease.

Revisit Exam pattern:

Revise one more time the MAT Exam pattern. Note down the marking system for the exam. And make a plan of attempting the questions based on the marks. Check the timing and negative marking criteria.

Don’t get stress out, work hard, practice, and be confident. You will definitely rock it.

Wishing you all the very best from CareerMantra.

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